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Two months later

Hannah’s POV

Matt and I’ve been dating for month and a half, everything’s been perfect. We’ve been going out to the mall, watch movies and even double dates with Mary and Jared. Right now I’m getting ready for our trip. We’re all going to the beach. I go with Matt, Jared with Mary, and Shannon with Tomo. We’re going to the beach for the holidays. They have 2 weeks off, until the next concert. I’m wearing a white dress because it’s freaking hot. Someone knocked the door.
“Hey baby girl.”
“Matt!” I screamed and hugged him, he lifted me up. “Hey come in!”
Matt came into my house and sat in the couch.
“Would you help me with my bags?”
“Yes give me”
Matt put all my bags in the back of the car. I closed door. Entered our car and he started driving.

We got to the hotel. And we saw lots of girls screaming and “fangirling” when we got out of the car all the girls turned around, looking at us, and started running. All the girls tried to hug Matt but the body guards got in their way and started walking in my way. When they got closer to me, Matt took my hand and we started walking until we got inside the hotel. When we got inside and they closed the doors you could see lots of paparazzi and girls fangirling. When we turned around Mary, Shannon, Tomo and Jared were there. We got closer to them and Mary ran to me and hugged me, then Jared while Shannon and Tomo hugged Matt. After we all said hello to each other we talked to the receptionist, we got our keys. Mary would sleep with Jared. I’d sleep with Matt. Shannon would sleep with Tomo.
After we all went to our hotel rooms, we went to have dinner together. We ate Mexican food and went to a bar. We had a wonderful evening. But we had to get back to our hotel.

*insert Hatt smut here*

*insert Jary smut here*

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Two weeks later.

Hannah and Matt have been talking over the phone and texting each other since they exchanged phones for two weeks now. Matt invited Hannah to a fancy restaurant. Like a date.

Hannah’s POV

Matt and I are going on a date tonight. At 8:00pm. We’re going to a restaurant, and have good time. We’ve been talking for the last two weeks. We’ve been getting closer and closer. We saw each other 3 times and it was nothing serious. I’m so excited for tonight.

We went to the restaurant and had dinner. We started talking about our interests, our families and what we expect for the future. We disagreed on lots of things but we had a laugh. It was fun. I got a text in the middle of our conversation. But I decided to ignore it. We stood in the restaurant until 11:00pm. We started walking down the street and we started joking until someone called me. It was Mary but I ignored her. Matt took me home and we talked for about 3 hours. We weren’t tired, and we just kept talking and talking. Even though we didn’t agree in a lots of things it was fun. Matt stood here for almost hours until he decided it was late and remembered they had a concert tomorrow. He kissed me which was kinda unexpected but I’m not complaining.

The next day, I woke up, looked at my phone and saw Mary called me like 10 times. I got worried and called her but she won’t answer. So I got ready and went to the boys concert. Since that’s where Mary should be.

I got there and I saw Mary talking with Jared inside, even though she was inside you could see everything. The security guards won’t let me go in since I wasn’t a friend of the band but Matt saw me and came to me.

"No you don’t understand, I’m their friend!"
I said.
“Hey hey, let her come in, she’s my girl”
Matt said to the body guard.
I was surprised he said “my girl” I couldn’t believe it. Anyways though, I followed him and went backstage. We tried to find Jared and the lads but they weren’t outside anymore.
“They must be in their dressing rooms, let’s go, come this way”
Matt said while he grabbed my hand, we started looking for the lads until we heard Tomo’s laugh. They were in Jared’s dressing room.

"Hey! Look who’s here"
Matt said and moving a side while we entered the room, we were holding hands and everybody noticed. I run to Mary and hugged her but she didn’t hugged me back.

Mary’s POV

We were in Jared’s dressing room, Shannon was drinking coffee and Jared was making jokes. We were all laughing until Matt came into the room holding Hannah’s hand. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe she didn’t tell me. That’s why she didn’t answer my texts nor phone calls yesterday. Hannah run to me and hugged me but I just couldn’t stop thinking she didn’t tell me.
Tomo and Shannon stood up and hugged Hannah.
10 minutes later the boys started the concert while me and Hannah watched it.

"Hey I saw you called me yesterday, I’m sorry I didn’t reply, I was busy"
Hannah said. I turned my head. And saw her. She smiled at me but that made me angrier.
“Hey are you mad?”
“Hey tell me. Did something happened between you and Jared?”
“The only that happened between me and him is private. But no.”
“Are you mad because I didn’t reply. What do you want me to do?”
“I don’t know… But you forgot to tell me your Matt’s girlfriend”
“What? No I’m not!”
“Oh please… Holding hands?!”
“No no he grabbed my hand so I could follow him!”
“So now you’re his baby!”
“Mary stop!”
“No you should’ve told me, I was worried last night.”
“I was Matt, we were on a date I couldn’t reply!”
“That’s exactly why I’m mad, you couldn’t tell me you were on a fucking date!” I screamed.
Everybody started looking at us, even Jared and all the lads starting looking at us, they even stopped playing.

We went backstage, Jared apologized to the crowd and started singing again.

"Hey stop" Hannah said.
“Just tell me one thing, are you in love with Matt?”
“Yes. I think…”
“Oh come here” I hugged Hannah. “See! That wasn’t that hard was it?!”
“No…” Hannah whispered.
“Now tell me everything about the date omfg”

We went back to Jared’s dressing room and Hannah started telling me everything about the date. It was so freaking cute. They talked for hours and he even kissed her!

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Gerard Way: London 2014

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Blue haired Gerard, requested by frnkieromustdie.

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